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COVID-19 protection and prevention against coronavirus

Products for individual protection, for groups, for workers, for companies and local businesses.
Articles approved by the CE with the maximum guarantee and quality.
To inquire about our prevention, protection and security products, for large quantities or imports, contact the T.+34933791873, by contact form or email:


Environmental disinfectant for rooms and spaces Clo2 Power Stick

Clo2 Power Stick Environmental disinfectant for rooms and spaces

Disinfection of environmental spaces thanks to the emission of chlorine dioxide particles. Clo2 Power Stick disinfectant sticks eliminates viruses, bacteria, germs and bad odors.

Portamascarillas con 2 bolsillos frontales tarjeteros personalización opcional a 1 tinta o a todo color por cara trasera

Mask holder with 2 frontal pockets to place cards optional custom

Mask holder made in PVC with 2 frontal pockets to place cards
Store your masks or take a reserve in a more hygienic way.
Available colors: white, green, blue, yellow, black and red.
Optional printing 1 side 1 color or full color

wristband with pocker for sanitizer or hydroalcoholic gel and custom logo optional

Sanitizer gel dispenser wristband

Gel dispensing bracelet with refillable container. Promotional disinfectant bracelet in various colors with optional logo customization

Automatic hydroalcoholic gel dispenser 600 ml non-contact

Automatic non-contact gel dispenser. Activates at a maximum distance of 10 cm
Allows you to apply the dose of sanitizing or hydroalcoholic gel on the hands without touching the dispenser.
Powered by 4 AA 1.5V batteries

Capacity 600 ml
Measurements: 110x128x132 cm
Made of ABS

Cap with protective face shield anti-splash prevention COVID-19

Cap with protective face shield anti-splash prevention COVID-19

Baseball cap with protective splash guard
The transparent protective screen covers the face as a measure of prevention and protection against the coronavirus COVID-19
Composed of 5-panel cap and removable transparent PVC screen.
Available in various colors.

Alfombrilla absorvente dual con zona de secado

Alfombrilla de prevención COVID fabricada en acero inoxidable con goma resistente fácil de limpiar.
Permite desinfectar las suelas de los zapatos y secárlas.
Ideal para colocar en los accesos y entradas de locales.
Medidas: 800x500 mm
Zona de desinfectante y zona de secado

Modo de empleo: mezclar agua con lejía en proporción 95/5% verter dentro de la bandeja de acero inoxidable
Capacidad de la bandeja: 1,5 litros

Alfombrilla descontaminante de calzado fuerta acción antibacteriana

Para ser utilizadas en ambientes que se requiere ausencia total de agentes contaminantes y la preservación de los altos niveles de higiene.
Gracias a su pegamento antibacteriano capturan y retienen el polvo y las bacterias, reduciendo sustancialmente el crecimiento de bacterias.

Contiene 30 láminas de recambio numeradas. Eliminar según su uso
Medidas: 115x45 cm

Fuerte acción antimicrobiana y antibacteriana
Máxima higiene: limpia las suelas de los zapatos y ruedas de camillas mientras se deslizan por encima de la alfombra.
Excelente protección: barrera contra el crecimiento y la proliferación de microorganismos. La masa adherente contiene un agente bactericida.
Cumple con la normativa: Real Decreto 1591/2009 de productos sanitarios

Gorro con protector de cara anti salpicaduras para niño o niña prevención y protección coronavirus COVID-19

Children's hat with anti-splash face shield

Children's beanie with splash guard
The transparent protective screen covers the face as a measure of prevention and protection against the coronavirus COVID-19
Caps for boys and girls with protective screen. Hats available in various colors.

Adjustable ergonomic band for holding protective masks

Band to hold face protection masks accessories protection COVID-19
Adjustable ergonomic bands made of silicone. 2 adjustment positions for children (boy / girl) and adult
Possibility of customization.

Transparent mask for face protection prevention against coronavirus COVID-19

Face shield or face shield for individual protection against splashes.
Prevention and protection measures against the coronavirus COVID-19
Allows customization with logo or brand.

Methacrylate counter display coronavirus protection

Protection screen for counters at the point of sale. No installation required.
Desktop display panel with window to dispense or pay.
National manufacture in methacrylate or transparent PVC

Protective screen panel counter against biological risk COVID19
For point of sale counters. No installation required.

Maximize your safety.

Transparent screen ideal for points of sale in pharmacies, ATMs, supermarkets, hotels and general stores.
Transparent panel for display and hollow window for product dispensing and payment.
National manufacture in specially designed transparent methacrylate.
Desktop design with bases and simple and discreet lines.
Fully customizable with vinyl

Immediate stock
Measurements: 100x75 cm
Methacrylate screen with 3.5mm thickness
Transparent PVC screen with a thickness of 0.7 mm. Economic version.
Possibility of manufacturing with special measures. Consult at info@reclamstation.es

Support for shops and businesses hand gel dispenser and gloves

Support for dispenser of articles for prevention and protection against coronavirus COVID-19.
It can be placed at the entrances of premises, shops or public and private organizations.
Support to offer people the use of sanitizing gel and gloves

Includes anti-theft holder for hand gel dispenser and for its application.
Glove box tray and wastebasket at the bottom.
Support with a large area to place informative messages or for personalization with logos.

The outer walls of the trash can also be customized.
Support made of lacquered metal.

Prevention article against coronavirus COVID-19
Orders of protective screen from 1 units

Material: Lacquered metal

Wall infrared thermometer infrared but non-contact similar gun thermometer

Hands-free infrared wall thermometer.
Allows you to take body temperature without contact.
You don't need a person at the door of the store making customers uncomfortable.
The client voluntarily approaches and controls his temperature upon entering.
If it has more than 37.5º the alarm sounds.
Response time: 0.5s
Temperature taking range: + -0.2 degrees
Rechargeable battery

Article for prevention against coronavirus COVID-19

Easy to install. Homologated infrared thermometer
Request technical sheet for more information
Minimum order from 1 you

White color
Measurements: 170x115x140 mm

Sanitizing and super-hydrating hand gel

Sanitizing and super-hydrating hand gel.
Mixes skin moisturizing agents and ingredients with a sanitizing effect to keep hands clean and safe against pathogens.

Hydroalcoholic hand sanitizer with custom label

Hydroalcoholic disinfectant hand gel with personalized label.
Prevention and protection measures against the coronavirus COVID-19

Full color custom face masks

Personalized masks for prevention and protection

Personalized full color children's face masks

Personalized children's masks for prevention and protection.

Made of 220g / m2 microfiber and personalized on 1 side by sublimation. Minimum order 50 units

Nitrile sanitary gloves for hand protection against infection

Nitrile sanitary gloves with blue base color.
Gloves available in 3 sizes. Orders from 100 units.
Prevention and protection measures against the coronavirus COVID-19

Approved individual protection mask against pandemic coronavirus virus COVID-19

Homologated individual protection mask

3-layer individual protection mask
Intermediate hypoallergenic layer

Approved mask

KN95 approved self-filtering mask

KN95 approved self-filtering face protection mask
KN95-A According to EN149: 2001 + A1: 2009 FFP2 NR CE regulations.
5 layer protection mask. Orders from 10 units

Approved mask FFP2 protection against coronavirus COVID-19

CE FDA BFE approved mask> = 95%
EN149: 2001 + A1: 2009 regulation
Orders of approved masks from 10 units

Thermometer fever detector gun detects temperature immediately and without contact

Thermometer fever detector gun detects temperature immediately and without contact.
High precision thermometer gun Detects temperature without contact. Consult for more information

Temperature detector camera for video or thermal imaging camera

Thermographic video camera allows detects temperature and temperature changes.
Prevention and protection systems against the pandemic of the coronavirus COVID-19
Consult for more information

AV vest keep safety distance

High visibility vest with informational message to keep the safety distance. Prevention measure against cornoavirus COVID-19. Stay safe

Other promotional items with exceptional confinement discounts

Promotional items with exceptional discounts for confinement and the pandemic coronavirus COVID-19. #togetherwearestronger #togetherwewillovercomeit

Fever Test Card Fever detector

Fever Test Card Fever detector

Promotional card with reusable thermometer. Take the temperature instantly.
Preventive measure to find out if we have a fever.
100% full color custom support on both sides.
With microencapsulated liquid crystal strip to detect fever
Merchandising support and promotional gift for agencies and advertising professionals · More than gadgets
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