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Environmental disinfectant Chlorine dioxide dry Clo2 Power Stick


Clo2 Power Stick · The portable disinfectant stick to disinfect spaces

Chorine dioxide dry environmental disinfectant eliminates viruses, germs, bacteria and bad odors.

Disinfection for multiple rooms and spaces:
Car, home, office, fridge, gym, institute, shopping, bag and any closed space.

The safest, most gradual and effective way to obtain disinfectant benefits from chlorine in the environment, without liquid, without steam, without risks.


How does Clo2 Power Stick disinfectant work?

Emits millions of chlorine dioxide molecules into the environment with a duration of up to 2 weeks.

It also allows you to disinfect and deodorize your reusable masks in 30 minutes.

Customizing logo option available.

MOQ 100 Pcs

Download certificates:

Download neutral video of Clo2 Power Stick disinfectant

For price list or more information contact info@reclamstation.es


Clo2 Power Stick chorine dioxide dry environmental disinfectant eliminates viruses, germs, bacteria and bad odors

The color of the sanitizer stick changes as it is consumed

Disinfects interior spaces from viruses, bacteria, germs and bad odors

Clo2 Power Stick disinfect your reusable masks in 30 minutes

Disinfection of public spaces such as hotel rooms and apartments

Disinfection of the interior of vehicles with Clo2 Power Stick bars such as cars or vans

Clo2 Power Stick also disinfects rooms and living rooms of the home

FAQ (Frequent asked questions)

Can it be toxic to people's health?
No, if used correctly it is not toxic at all (the tube should not be broken).
If the liquid is accidentally removed from the tube,
it should not be swallowed or get in contact with the skin or the eyes.
In case that it occurs, the Toxicology Service should be contacted immediately

Does it work outdoors?
Clo2 Power Stick is mostly effective indoors.
Outdoors its efficiency will be diminished by the air currents.

Once activated, what does it smell like?
No, Clo2 Power Stick DOES NOT SMELL, its deodorizing effect lies in the fact that
the Clo2 molecules eliminate the germs and bacteria that produce the bad smell.
If one or more bars are activated at the same time in a closed and small environment,
a slight smell of chlorine may be perceived.
In any case it will not be harmful, and in no way will alter the disinfectant effect.

Can you carry it with you?
Yes, as long as the tube is not damaged, Clo2 Power Stick, can be taken with you anywhere and anytime.
It will always be emitting CO2 molecules gradually and safely
until it is consumed and loses its yellow color, after two weeks.
By then you should throw it away as a normal waste.

Is it effective against Covid 19?
The disinfectant properties of chlorine dioxide are universally known,
tested and effective against lipophilic viruses such as SARS Covid 19.
What is innovative about Clo2 Power Stick is the way it is released into the environment
through a slow and safe molecular emission for people and pets.

Is it useful to disinfect food?
Yes, Clo2 Power stick reaches its maximum efficiency inside of a box or a shopping bag,
reaching the surface of the packaging and the food eliminating all kinds of bacteria, viruses or germs.
Fruits and vegetables should be rinsed with water before consuming.

Product manufactured by LUMICA Corporation · JAPAN
65, Itogaura, Koga-city, Fukuoka, 811-3136 JAPAN,
Research & Development Department Phone +81 0 929423211

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