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Support for shops and businesses hand gel dispenser and gloves

Support for dispenser of articles for prevention and protection against coronavirus COVID-19.
It can be placed at the entrances of premises, shops or public and private organizations.
Support to offer people the use of sanitizing gel and gloves

Includes anti-theft holder for hand gel dispenser and for its application.
Glove box tray and wastebasket at the bottom.
Support with a large area to place informative messages or for personalization with logos.

The outer walls of the trash can also be customized.
Support made of lacquered metal.

Prevention article against coronavirus COVID-19
Orders of protective screen from 1 units

Material: Lacquered metal

Counter protection screen ideal for points of sale in pharmacies, ATMs, supermarkets, hotels and general stores.

Methacrylate counter display coronavirus protection

Protection screen for counters at the point of sale. No installation required.
Desktop display panel with window to dispense or pay.
National manufacture in methacrylate or transparent PVC

Protective screen panel counter against biological risk COVID19
For point of sale counters. No installation required.

Maximize your safety.

Transparent screen ideal for points of sale in pharmacies, ATMs, supermarkets, hotels and general stores.
Transparent panel for display and hollow window for product dispensing and payment.
National manufacture in specially designed transparent methacrylate.
Desktop design with bases and simple and discreet lines.
Fully customizable with vinyl

Immediate stock
Measurements: 100x75 cm
Methacrylate screen with 3.5mm thickness
Transparent PVC screen with a thickness of 0.7 mm. Economic version.
Possibility of manufacturing with special measures. Consult at info@reclamstation.es

Moldura separador

Moldura separador

Para mantener la separación entre personas para evitar el contacto directo con los aerosoles



Para mantener la separación entre personas donde haya afluencia de gente

Merchandising support and promotional gift for agencies and advertising professionals · More than gadgets
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